Dressing for the weather #winteriscoming

We have just returned from an epic trip down south, you would of course think that heading south would see a slightly warmer feel, but as we are very close to the coast it was in fact noticeably colder down there! So much so it got me to thinking that I do need to improve my winter wardrobe some what! As I have mentioned before I do run a capsule wardrobe but this is changing! (Budget pending!)

I like men’s fashion that really stands out, especially during this drab winter days, something that I have always steered clear of however is knitwear. I am not sure if it was down to the fact that my Nan would regularly knit me jumpers for Christmas or that fact that when someone mentions knitwear all I conjure up in my mind is my Granddad! However this has all changed since I sampled how warm and comfortable it is, I am a changed man and would happily feature knitwear as part of my knitwear choice!

With that being said, I do wonder what other warm and comfortable wardrobe faux pars I have been missing out on for all these years? To be fair I can only think of adding thermal underwear but I think that would be one step to far!

For me winter wear is all about the coats, hats and scarves! (I have never been one for gloves!) I think this year it is important that I try and breakaway from the standard black accessories, I would quite like the look of a burgundy or tartan scarf just to try and mix things up!

If you have any top fashion tips to keep me warm this winter I would greatly take them on board and attempt to improve my winter wardrobe!

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