Don’t get distracted with #roadsafety

With the boys wanting to now start playing out more often, it has been a slow transition for us to be comfortable with them having this newly found freedom. We have had to invest of course in mobile phones for them to ensure they can get in touch with us as and when they need to (and not to mention for us to keep tabs on them too!)

One of the biggest issue that was concerning me was that of Road Safety, the boys have both had episodes of really poor decision making when it came to crossing roads. For example eldest was once chased by a Bee but instead of bolting down the pavement as you would do, he decided to bolt straight into the road, luckily the Mrs was at hand and swiftly stopped him from running out.

But what could happen when we are not there? Will they be able to make sensible and informed choices?

It was clear that we needed to do some more schooling in road safety with them both. Luckily there are resources available online, one of these resources that I found has been quite handy with helping them to make those small decisions. The Road Safety Game its relatively easy for them to work through but in depth enough for them to learn some important lessons, we love to encourage the boys to read for themselves, I think it really gets the information to stick in their minds.

One thing is for certain after their last road safety lesson I am sure they we be leading the way among their friends when it comes to crossing roads, after all if it was left up to me they would still be stopping in with their Mum or Dad until they are eighteen! Either that or be permanently in high visibility jackets!

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