Choosing the right car #newdriver

I want my boys to embrace driving much earlier than I did, I attempted to get my license when I was 17, I had even bought a 1.1 ford escort, but failed on several occasions (skidded the car on the emergency stop among other reasons!), so I left it at that and did not pick it up again until my eldest was on his way!

But if they are looking to pass their tests we need to be prepared to fork out on their first car, something the Mrs has promised! (and I doubt I can get out of!)

So here are the cars that make my list:

Citroen C1

Robins and Day can offer a 1.0 litre, three door C1 for £109 per month after deposit and final payment due, not that I am focusing on the cost! When purchasing cars I always check safety ratings the C1 fares well with a drivers safety score of 80% (2014).

Honda Jazz

Your can pick up a finance deal for around £200 per month again after paying the deposit and needing to payout a final payment. But you get five doors, much better for when they want to take their mates about and a bigger 1.3 litre engine. As for safety ratings the driver scores a better 93% (2015).

Mini One

I must admit I have always loved the Mini, even the bigger new models! You can pick up a deal with the same terms as both mention above for around £175 per month, which is quite decent, I thought it would be much more for the brand. Of course you only get three doors with this model, but there are some additional features that I am sure the boys would want to go for, the safety rating of 90% (2015) passes my threshold.

When I passed my test I bought a Nissan Micra, its was such a fun car to drive! Now I have a proper family car my Skoda Octavia which score safest in its range, it even has a bigger boot than most of the cars in the class above (it feels bigger than that whole micra!)

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