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Soon we will be marking a very special anniversary, our tenth wedding anniversary! (a well earnt chance to have a nice romantic meal out!) Tradition says you should give each other gifts of tin, I really cannot believe there is such a great range of items catering for this special celebration.

But before you can get to all these traditions its is important that you start out on the right foot, for me this meant asking my now father in-law’s permission to marry his daughter. I must admit I was very nervous as it was only the second time I had met him, but I wanted to ensure I kept up with the traditions so I pressed on forgoing my tense disposition.

Prior to that I researched into how much I should spend on an engagement ring, my quick research showed that you should be looking to spend at least one months salary on it. I was keen to make sure that I picked the right cut and style, some people like amazing antique jewelry and you can pick up some fantastic and unique pieces. The ring I chose was a more modern and safe option as I wanted to surprise her, thinking back perhaps on an investment of this size I should have really consulted her but again thinking of tradition perhaps I did the right thing.

I began my post talking about the different wedding anniversary gifts, I really find this subject fascinating, I find it quite amazing that traditional gifts have been thought about right the way up to being married for ninety years! (the gift then is Granite) All things being considered I think to survive that long in life not just marriage is an achievement in itself, for me ninety years in would see me in excess of one hundred and ten years old!

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