Sorting your snagging list #electricals

We are still waging war with fixing up the house and are looking at getting the final finishing touches done in some of our completed rooms.

I must admit that some of the finishes needed I have totally overlooked them completely! The main focus for us at the moment is Ceiling lighting, after all we don’t often look up all that often! But it is a massive feature when you come to thing about it, it is something that can really add to the ambience of the room.

In some of our rooms we are lucky enough to have lovely original and ornate ceiling rose’s, that should be justified by having a lovely dropped chandelier style light fitting.

It can be extremely difficult to select the ideal light fitting, not just for their look and design but for the actual light output it gives, I have in the past been rather disappointed by a light fitting I did choose, as some of the frame actually blocked the light from spreading around the room effectively, since then I ensure I have completed extensive research prior to purchasing a fitting.

I am quite excited about getting our dining room finished, we have been entertaining a lot more recently and the walls still need plastering and painting, but what I am really looking forward to is fitting a proper light to really set the mood if the room, meaning I can really show off my dinners when people come over!

With light fittings it can be fairly straight forward to fit them yourself, and I have done with most of the new lights I have purchased, but you have to remember you have to keep things safe. If at any point you are unsure about which colour wire fits with the new set, stop and bring in the professionals!

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