Planning Your Stag Do #party

It is certainly something that I missed out on during the lead up to our wedding day, but it was not something I was particularly worried about missing out on as my wife to be was already pregnant and I had other priorities, however if it was now that I was getting married then I would indeed do things a little differently!

I think for such a big event, you really need to bring in the experts to make sure that everything is organised. The Stag & Hen Experience have some great packages and ideas to ensure things go smoothly especially if you want to have the ultimate night (or more commonly weekend!)

For me I do not drink a massive amount and would rather partake in alternative activities, that being said I would want at least one good night out drinking in some fashionable venue!

My top list of activities I would have liked to get up to on my Stag Do would be:

Off Road 4×4 Driving

I have previously done some off road driving with Subaru, it was an absolutely amazing experience, getting the right gears to hold on vertical inclines, along with driving down river beds, its the kind of experience you would remember for years to come!


Its not something I have ever done before, I have done various laser tags, but would love to have a go at this sporting activity (I always loved my FPS computer games after all!)


I have not properly gone go-karting since I past my driving test a decade or so ago, but I used to be really good, an opportunity to destroy my fellow Stags out on the track would be a must in my book!


I think most of us lad would like to be the player at a casino, so why not opt for ticking this of the bucket list on your history Stag Do! After all it’s your money until you say I do!

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