How to pick a gate #security

I really need to start to do some research on a commercial gate. I now require one for my business premises, I have during the evenings and weekends been routinely observing the amount of traffic it receives and considering the premises is closed it receives almost the same amount of traffic as when its open.

This has been causing not only additional wear and tear but the mess left by these unauthorised users has increased greatly, meaning I end up having to get my hands dirty and clean the mess up! (Not what you want on a busy Monday morning!)

The trouble I have is there isn’t very much room for a gate to fit and for the car park to still remain functional, so I have been trying to find the ideal solution. I have heard of sinking bollards but have read some bad reviews about them becoming stuck and hard to pull in and out due to dirt build up.

I decided that the best option for me would be to get a Folding Gate Kit, the benefit of this type of gate system is that you can effectively gate off a space of up to 10 meters and have the gate fold back neatly while the car park is in use making sure you are really maximising the space available. The kit itself includes a set of two but you can purchase an additional set in order to get the larger coverage, I will also need to invest in a solid lock.

With that problem solved I must admit I was quite chuckling to myself with some of the options that I had looked at, baring in mind I am a sucker for a good Zombie movie (and more so that Walking dead is back on this weekend!) They really got my mind ticking along, where having great security can double as an effective Zombie deterrent! Gate systems such as a sliding Guardian gate with optional security spikes, would stop any rogue vehicle from penetrating any secure areas!

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