Dressing the part #workwear

In my previous posts about home DIY I have left out an all important factor when it come to ensuring you are fully equipped to tackle even the most daunting of tasks, and that is workwear.

I have in the past settled with rustling around in my wardrobe trying to find some old clothes that I do not mind sacrificing in order to get a job done, however now I have had children I do not tend to have any sacrifice worthy clothes knocking around given my capsule wardrobe.

So I have had to start to gear myself up, I started with a simple boiler suit however that did not last long unfortunately due to it being quite uncomfortable to move around in, along with it being either too warm or too cold in the different rooms I was working in!

I gave up on the boiler suit before I finished laying flooring in the first room I did, as the bending and stretching that was needed was simply not comfortable enough to make adequate progress, as soon as I dumped it, I managed to speed up somewhat as proper work wear is more flexible and designed for the task at hand.

So what solutions could I come up with? Engelbert Strauss workwear had an extensive range for me to look through and pick my ideal outfit to work in. The clothing available focuses on comfort allowing you to preform a multitude of different tasks without constraint from your clothing, something that is definitely a must for an amateur like me, as any small excuse could have me leaving a job for the expert!

Now that I have sorted my DIY comfort levels, there is no stopping me on my next chore. (Although I might try to delay it!) The Mrs wants some of the rooms re-decorating, however we cannot agree on colours perhaps I am in need of leaving a few clues for her along the way!


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