Scared of the dentist?

Since having children I have had to put on a brave face when it come to visiting the dentist, luckily any actual work I have needed to have done, I managed to squeeze in without them being present, they on the other hand quite enjoy the visit to the dentist.

More recently I have suffered a spate of bad luck, running into dental trouble while away on holiday, its quite an inconvenience, with the pain associated compounded by the fact you do not know where to turn, it can take an age to find someone willing to see you and of course being out of your natural habitat your real dentist fear can start to become quite apparent to the boys. I would usually rather pull my own teeth out than see a dentist!

So before travelling to any destination I taken the added precaution to research dentists in the area, I was recently looking at an outing to Halifax when I stumbled upon one of the best looking dental practices I have even seen, it quite distracted me from any fear that I have!

TheOldSpire situated in the lovely village of Lightcliffe just 3 miles from centre of Halifax and 9 miles from Leeds. What makes TheOldSpire so impressive is the property itself, the practice is at home in a Grade I listed church, beautifully restored and designed with relaxation in mind.

From the pictures I have seen the place looks really peaceful, the team clearly want to focus on putting patients at ease. Along with all the standard equipment, the practice boasts industry leading x-ray and CT imaging to enable them to truely give you a one stop shop for dentistry needs.

For me I do need a dental implant or two, looking at this practice and how at ease it could make me feel, it might just justify a trip with that purpose in mind alone. Returning a smile to my face!

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