Making you home warmer #windows

When it came to moving in to our house one thing was for sure, it was really cold (and not to mention wet!) It was not something we were expecting as we came from a mid-terrace to a detached. Surely it could not have been such a big difference?

The first thing we needed to do was to find the source of the cold breeze and internal down pour! I quickly go to work revealing the wooden window frames it was evident we needed to replace all the windows in the house! I could quite literally put my arm out over the top of the windows, where the cement had come away leaving the rooms wide open to the great outdoors, not only that they also appeared rotten!

As we had over thirty windows needing replacing we managed to source a local tradesman to do the work for us at a really competitive price, however if I were to undertake this kind of project again I would be keen to try my hand at installing windows myself (well at least sourcing the windows).

Quickslide a national supplier would be the place to head to, once you have measured your window cavity the company will engineer the window for a perfect fit, along with Pilkington K Glass S enabling better thermal insulation and sound reduction, meaning you house can become a warm and peaceful place. They offer factory prices straight to your door, so if you are handy with DIY then you can really cut down the costs of your project.

I am hopeful that I will not have to replace windows on this scale for sometime now, however I do have two left that are still in need of updating at some point, that might well be the opportunity for me to gain another skill in DIY.

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