In need of a Walk-in Wardrobe

When rearranging our space upstairs we made the conscious decision to knock two rooms into one, which was no small task in its self. Along we me taking down the bulk of the ceilings and walls single handed it also meant we needed to install three huge steel beams, but the result was an enormous master bedroom for us, along with an en-suite bathroom.

We have recently been thinking about walk-in wardrobes and the additional benefits it could bring us.

It is true we do currently have a very capsule wardrobe, mainly due to the fact we still have not got our own bedroom space upstairs, instead we have had to make do with swapping around various rooms of the house while work has been done or in the most case still waiting to be done.

While we are saving to get the work finished we often think of the potential a walk-in wardrobe has. Not only will we have the scope to have an impressive and up to date collection of clothes (and lets face it my working wardrobe needs a good up date) It could also mean better organisation, like you see in films. Suits and shirts all lined up ready for me to peruse and my leisure in peace and tranquility (if I get up early enough before the two monsters wake)

I have it pictured quite clear in my head the layout I would insist on, with clear lines and borders and some level of symmetry, the main aspect of having a walk in wardrobe is accessibility to ensure all items of clothing, shoes, belts and any other accessories are available at a glance. 

I am sure to get lots of brownie points from the Mrs when I improve her wardrobe space, I will just have to brace myself for the immediate spends on clothes to fill it! 

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