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Since moving into our new house it has proved to be an immense task in itself, with most of the structural and waterproofing completed, we still have rooms to finish, ceiling to go in and walls to plaster and paint (not to mention the flooring for me to fit!) Even at the point it is nice to begin to plan the storage needs for each room ensuring to accommodate everything we might need, well sometimes it is just nice to dream about it and forget about all the work that still needs to be attended to! 

In some of the rooms we have the ceilings slope down leaving the room with a slightly odd shape, but luckily enough it does not really impede walking around the room but I have been thinking about utilising this space slightly more efficiently. 

For me this would mean finding the best in fitted wardrobes and really adapting the room back into a proper shape. There are so many options to have to think about when selecting your ideal wardrobe setup from colour and finish, to drawers, shelves and the all important valuable hanging space. 

With all these configurations available you could quickly become carried away or overwhelmed, I would always suggest that you should keep in mind that it’s important to think about the aspects of the room itself. The size of the room and amount of natural light coming in will impact upon your choice greatly. 

Going for a light or mirrored effect can lift a room a smaller room, leaving the space feeling airy and free, on the other hand if your room is fairly imposing with high ceilings and plenty of light streaming in then opting for a darker wood effect can complement the room nicely. 

Defining a budget early on will save some time while researching your ideal setup, and most importantly getting the point of view from those around you, you never know what small bit of advice you may pick up!

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