Fussy, who said Fussy #whattobuy

In all honesty I do not believe I am particularly fussy, the Mrs may disagree however, she get rather frustrated at me whenever we are looking to make a purchase, I like to do as much research as possible to ensure we are getting the best deal and/or the best spec. 

This can sometime involve many hours searching the web, reading reviews and building up my own generalised opinion, I do understand this can be frustrating especially when it comes to wanting to make a quick, spur of the moment purchase or to simple buy me a gift!

So as we start approaching gifting season (for us this includes Birthdays and Christmas as we both have birthday towards the end of the year) I know I need to leave ample clues around for her to pick up on. Of course all have already been thoroughly critiqued by me.

So my first point of call was Debenahams Gifts For Men, here is a quick pick list her her to choose from:

BaByliss for Men 7898BU

She should know me by now, I am not one to want to stand in front of the mirror preening myself for hours on end, or one to have to wait around ages for a shaver to charge before being able to quickly attend to my facial hair. I would either go without and end up with an out of control beard or end up shaving the whole lot off (generally once a week!)

This shaver however has a quick charge function of 5 minutes to give enough power for a shave or simply charge fully for up to 70 minutes usage. Its waterproof too so now problem with me taking it in the shower.

What I like most is the advance technology blades which will make the trim a dream! You can even set the length of cut and save it in its memory.

RJR John Rocha Navy shawl collar towelling dressing gown

Might seem a bit strange for me to critique a dressing gown but it get very cold in our old house, the oil boiler is very costly to put on and we are still waiting to fit a wood burning stove. My current dressing gown usually gets stolen by a certain person, leaving me to brave the winter without one (I don’t let my coldness show – like a real hero!)

This particular dressing gown promises a super-soft finish so with comfort in mind I would hope it delivers on the promise, the length is also good, my current one isn’t that long which is a pain when your trying to keep warm!

Debenahams “Tryble” black pop up speakers

Novelty gifts are something that I don’t care for to much, but if they have functionality then they pass my test, for me these speakers would be ideal for a safe secret Santa gift! I have always been quite lucky with gifts like these and always had some fun out of them!


This is one area that I do not really need to look into with such an extensive range the only person that I care if they like the fragrance is the Mrs, so one of the areas she has complete free range and control of!

Now all I need to do is ensure she reads this article between now and December!

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