Five Alternatives To The Gang’s Night In For Those Who Are Nerdy And Proud Of It

For some of us, having the guys over ‘for a game’ doesn’t mean watching football. That stereotypical idea that all dads have the same interests just isn’t true. Nowadays, the nerdier pursuits are enjoyed by a lot more people. With online communities keeping them fresh, it’s pretty easy to sustain just about any hobby. So, if you’re looking for a guys’ night in but poker and watching sports isn’t your thing, here are a few suggestions to try out.

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Board games

It’s the option that most of us are going to have tried before. However, there are a lot more board games than you might imagine with varying levels of complexity. You can go from Risk to strategy games like Game of Thrones to the labyrinth that is Settlers of Catan. Board games are some of the most fun options since it’s easy to vary it and swap in different games every night. However, that can also be expensive.


If expenses aren’t a concern for you and your mates, then tabletops might be exactly what you need. Tabletop games like Warhammer or Imperial Assault have tons of appeal. There’s a physical dimension to them, for one, as well as an intensely competitive one. You’ll be pitting armies of pieces to trounce your friends, trash-talking them all the while as you should. For more info click here and start planning your domination.

Card games

If you’re not willing to spend quite as much money, then it could be that you’re more inclined to a good card game. We’re not specifically talking about poker or the like. Or even trading card games like Magic the Gathering. Rather, we’re talking about party card games that have been all the rage lately. For example, if you and your mates have a particularly black sense of humour, then you should have already tried Cards Against Humanity.

The old favourite

Sometimes, however, there’s just no better way to use the opportunity to get back into tabletop roleplaying games. A lot of us will have some history of having played Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. If your friends have the same nerdy inclinations as you, it might not be too difficult to convince them to give it a try. If you’re able to sort out the time and get everyone on board, then throw yourself into it. Have some adventures and some beers to make it all the better.

LAN parties

Does everyone have a laptop or PC they’re willing to transport? Then you can just as easily enjoy the whole slew of multiplayer games available together. Nowadays, it’s easy to play online and have no need for the face-to-face. However, setting up an old school LAN party (even without the LAN cables) still has a unique appeal. Pit everyone against one another in strategy games. Load up as a team in an online shooter. Whatever your videogaming choice is, do it together.

Not all of these options are going to be the most exciting choices for your friends. However, use these games nights to try new things and see if something sticks. Just about anything is made a lot more fun as a social event.

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