Pokémon Go #gottocatchthemall #pokemongo

As a family we were quite reluctant to join in with this new craze, the headlines warning of impending doom and dangers caused by careless players in a trance to find the next Pokémon.

However as the weeks went on we eventually decided it might be something quite fun to do in between the geocaching and general outdoor adventuring we already love to do!

Little did we know how much excitement could be gained from a new shadowy figure appearing in the sighting frame (which mean they are with 200 meters), the hunt was then on, luckily the boys had a copy each for the to hunt the elusive Pokémon so no fighting ensued. I still have my concerns that they can pop up anywhere especially at the end of my bed!

Not something you want to wake up to a #mime on the end of your #bed. At least I caught this #pokemon #pokemongo

A photo posted by Sean (@hubbyhelps) on Aug 21, 2016 at 1:16am PDT

The only draw back for us is we are quite rural in our location so mobile internet is not up to running the game so we rely heavily on local WiFi hotspots. This does allow us to ensure the boys pay attention to their location as the network tends to drop off before having to navigate roads.

We are now in the process of planning a trip away to the city so we can easily replenish our stock of Poké balls and hatch those all important eggs! I must admit having hatched a 10 kilometer egg I was slight disappointed to find Jinx who I already caught! However I had to poke fun at a friend who hatched an Eevee in her 10 km egg!

One challenge we have yet to take is to tackle a gym battle, as we are still leveling up and evolving our caught Pokémon, but don’t forget to pick a Team (Go Instinct!)

What we really needed to do was research the top Pokémon on offer, here are the top seven that we are aspiring to capture! (I chose seven as we have Vaporeon!)

1) Dragonite 2) Snorlax 3) Lapras 4) Arcanine 5) Blastoise 6) Exeggutor 7) Vaporeon

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