Wasting Time? #onhold

I am sure we have all been there sat on hold for what seems like hours, waiting for a call handler to pick up the phone and answer your query, its especially hard when trying to multitask by keeping the two little monsters from destroying the house. (and keep them quiet so you can eventually speak in peace)

I have been researching into ways to avoid those wasted hours of your life, there are some companies out there to assist you get your call connected more efficiently. Its not just about reducing the hold time but, I have begun to find it increasingly difficult to obtain contact numbers with most websites opting for either email or live web communication as the only methods of contact, something that is quite frustrating.

For me I enjoy speaking to someone personally over the phone especially if I have an issue or in need of some clear information, building up a rapport with companies you deal with can be essential to everyday life. However, live chat on the other hand gives you no verbal cues or direction which makes negotiating very difficult however, there is a benefit that being you have proof in writing of the conversation! As I have in the past had a deal go through that was not what was verbally agreed, I ended up having to pay to get the recording released which ended up showing I was in the right. 

With research suggesting that we spend a total of up to 43 days on hold (that’s over 1000 hours!) Leaving you with so much potential time freed up to enjoy the good things in life!

I think I would try and become proficient at playing the guitar, but in reality probably end up get nagged into re-decorating the house, however I could still pretend to be on hold, but secretly catch up on some missed gaming opportunities!

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