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I do not really know when this change occurred but I clearly remember only having a six week break over summer from school!

Well for our two little monsters it SEVEN! I decided to take the first week off of work to try and get out and about with them, while some of the other schools were still open it would mean places would still be relatively quiet.

It really did not go to plan, youngest was struck down by a sick bug on the Friday before, it lasted 5 days and he was pretty ill, this meant we had no choice but to cancel one of the trips we had planned (which included a lavish hotel stay courtesy of The Mrs)

Had a #lovely #dayout with eldest yesterday #mcdonalds and a trip to the #cinema for #secretlifeofpets

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On the Monday we decided that Eldest needed to have a treat as the plans had changed so I took him to the Cinema (round trip of about 3 hours!) and a well earned visit to the Toy shop for him to spend some of his leftover Birthday money.

There was so much choice at the shop but he ended up wanting to get an addition to his Nerf gun collection, I must admit I had to give the Mrs a quick call to ensure he was allowed to add to this collection (due to the fact it does have to potential to be confiscated often!)

We had been lovingly prepare a packed lunch by the Mrs before departing on our road trip so we ate this while waiting for the Cinema to open, we decided to watch Secret Life of Pets, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. This road trip was the first time we had been any great distance away without the rest of the family and eldest really enjoyed it!

By mid-week youngest was back on full form so we decided to book a night stay and play at Gullivers worlds – Warrington. It was reasonably priced at £149 for what it included, bed and breakfast and of course the tickets for entry to the park! The family suite we had was awesome, the boys had their own section in the room, equipped with bunk beds and TV’s in a jungle style and even a glass jar of sweets, how thoughtful! The hotel even had a play park and a film night for the children to enjoy (along with milk and biscuits)

Before the attraction opened we decided to go for a spot of Geocaching (unsuccessfully) however there was a lovely wooded walk by the canal just off of the hotel car park.

When we hit a new attraction we like to ensure we get as much out of it as possible, we usually have a pen and tick off each ride as we do it, but shock horror we forgot our pen, so the Mrs did a round up on the way home from the park, and unbelievably the boys managed a total of 26 rides! On top of a couple of play parks and the space buggies.

Eldest decided that his favorite ride was Crazy Train, although he was adamant that he did not want to give it a go, the Mrs was keen to go on and eventually he decided he would join her! (And then promptly got her to sit right at the front!) Youngest had most fun on the Splash Battles, even tho he did not do the driving he had a great time with his brother!

As we draw closer to the end of my week off yesterday me manged a spot of metal detecting netting the boys a whole three pence. And today we decided to go for a local walk up some mountains with the dog, although we did get slightly lost which saw me Indiana Jones the heck out of some bracken (we ended up turning back!) all in all the walk was about 5 hours, I still do not know how we all managed it but we stopped a lot for snacks to encourage the walking!

I have another week booked in August to attempt to keep the Mrs sane during this extended summer break!

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