Keeping up with the Joneses #tv

Not to be one to shy away from keeping up with the latest trends, I have seen a lot of tech pass me by in recent years, mainly due to the two little monsters not letting me have any free time but in reality it’s the ever increasing strain on the finances!

Some of the tech may have been gimmicky but others I am rather sure I would have enjoyed, things like 3D TV’s, and the latest virtual reality gaming should really hit the spot.

Having a slight reprieve from the financial doom this month got me looking at the cutting edge Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV, I wonder how I can get this purchase by the Mrs?

In all honesty I am pretty sure if it was left to her we would still be viewing our favorite shows on the huge CRT set I had when we first got together, seriously it needed its own room it was that chunky. (that being said has got me feeling nostalgic for my old wooden framed TV of old!), it does appear the fairer sex seem to not notice the difference between viewing high definition and standard. I know that is a massive generalisation but it is honestly how the Mrs feels about the difference! (perhaps its because she had her eyes lasered?!)

Back on to the Panasonic, it really does boast some great features, it has what most TV’s these days have which is 3D capability, I haven’t really used this feature much before, but that is mainly due to the boys not being at the right age to constantly sit through 3D films, at least it something they could grow into. What does stand out for me is the 4K screen, its screen is advertised as “High quality picture performance true to the directors vision”. Me personally I have never seen a 4K UHD screen but I remember the last upgrade I did and it had me sat on the edge of my seat while re-watching some of my old favorite action packed films. Immersion is definitely what I want from a TV and that tag line could draw me right in!

The only other thing I have on my agenda when selecting a new TV is connect-ability we have so many devices now plugging into a television, network cable, HDMI, USB, you name it we have probably got more than three needing connecting! Luckily this set has 3 USB, 3 HDMI and 2 4K HDMI. Plenty to keep you going for years to come regardless of what you want to hook up.

One great aspect to try and sell this to the Mrs is its sleek look, perfectly in tune with the living space she has quite eloquently assembled.

If you shop around you should be able to pickup this set for just under £1100 (yes she might take some convincing!).

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