Gearing up for the Rio Olympics! #Superfans

With the Euros well and truly behind us, the boys are still buzzing with how well their home team Wales did in the tournament, they got so engrossed in the sport that we had no choice but to buy a TV license (we have previously been surviving on streaming services) and let them stay up well past their bed time to watch all of the action!

With their new found sports interest we now we have the Rio Olympics on our door step starting in just under a weeks time, I am keen to keep the boys enthusiasm up and make sure they continue to get behind our team. They could even become the next generation of #superfans.

With superfans in mind Team GB have put their lip-sinking skills to the test to give a little thank you for all those fans they have out there!


Its amazing to think that it really has been four years since the London Olympics, there was such great support for Team GB when we hosted the iconic sporting event and although the boys were a little young to remember we did manage to get them to London to see some of the aftermath and atmosphere of that spectacular time!

So with the Olympics being hosted in Rio it is a great challenge to make sure Team GB feel the support of the country. So Team GB and sponsors Panasonic have come up with a great way to ensure you can show your love for the team, this summer head on to your social media channels and post your wild and wacky pictures with the #superfans to show how much you support Team GB.

For me I intend to follow the Olympics as closely as possible, I have always been a great fan of huge sporting events and I fully pledge my support to Team GB!

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