Children and Mobile Phones #networkprovider

With the boys getting older, their independent streak has started to shine through, especially in eldest, who has been saving his birthday money to buy himself his first mobile phone.

The reason behind his purchase is so he will be allowed to play out with his friends, it was one stipulation that we placed on him, so we could get hold of him and vice versa. It gives us all a bit more reassurance and a sense of security. 

First things first we needed to find the best UK Mobile Network for our area, unfortunately it is still Vodafone, I have previously had issues with their customer relations department, however as the most important thing was being able to contact eldest on his phone no matter what, I was happy to let the customer service slide this time.

On to the phone itself, he was keen to have the best and biggest he was looking around for a while, but one important aspects to remember is that although he wanted one very much like mine, his pockets are that much smaller it would not be feasible for him to be carrying it around, so do bear that in mind when purchasing your child’s phone. 

In the end we decided on a LG Leon, it had all the features he wanted in a smartphone and was also small enough to fit snugly and safely in his pocket, it also had a good range of covers to keep it protected as we all know boys will be boys!

Now we just need to pluck up the courage to release him into the world! On the other hand being able to use the mobile phone as a way of keeping his behavior has proven to be quite a good side effect of his phone ownership! 

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