Standing Out from the Crowd

With the news of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union still fresh, the uncertainty of the pound and effects on trade, we need to ensure our businesses standout.

While its clear we must not stop spending I am taking small steps in my personal spending, with aims of diverting most of the family spending onto produce from the UK in the interim, what steps can we take to ensure our life blood income has some stability too.

Whether you run your own business or are employed, one thing is for sure until the markets settle there is no clear plan to ensure for a prosperous future. However in the mean time I feel the best way forward for me is to ensure the business stays visible and front of the queue when it come to sales.

So what are my top ways to keep your business on top over the next few months?

Run a campaign

Some may cut there budgets when it come to advertising, however using a creative company like RPM in these early exit days, while others in your market are still trying to pull things together you can be making targeted revenue.

Stay Social

One thing is for sure, whether you voted remain or leave, social media is a buzz with it all, so make sure you take advantage of the extra social media boost, continue to grow your social media following and link into the most prevalent hashtags.


Take to opportunity to reevaluate your unique selling point, has anything changed in the market? If it has establishing an updated USP could lead to an increase in visibility running along with the above points.

Customer Care 

Maintain high levels of customer care, we all know this is important for business, however as emotions run high post exit, consumers will have an increased memory when it comes to bad service linked with the new and historic change to the country, so don’t get caught out take the time to raise customer service standards.

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