So your a Vaper? #vaping

You seem to see it everywhere you go, but what has tempted the average person into the world of vaping? was it promised health benefits? or an alternative to stopping smoking? Well I cannot comment on those things.

But one thing is for sure, it seems this latest trend and it seems to be one that is sticking around. I must admit the first time I heard about vaping I did think to myself that it would be one of those gimmicky fads that just do not last for any length of time! (or maybe I am just getting cynical)

However as the trend has developed so have the devices that people use, amazingly there are premium vaping products now to go along with the many fanciful flavours. (I have to say some of the flavours sound tasty!) Vaping is proving so popular that in our small town it now has its very own vaping shop!

For me I was lucky enough to give up any form of smoking when I first met the Mrs, so I have not had to think about such things, however friends of mine have moved over from the old fashioned cigarette to the new technology in town.

I still think people still need to be a bit more socially conscious about their vaping, it was absolutely great news when the ban was imposed for smoking on business premises, its used to be a terrible feeling waking up half hungover from the night before with the thick stench of cigarette smoke on your clothes from the local pubs and clubs. (I suppose it didn’t help matters that I often slept fully clothed, well it must have been a good night!) However nowadays people seem to think its fine to whip our their e-cigarette and merrily puff away where ever they are.

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