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Since the turn of the year I have been, on and off growing facial hair, it hasn’t been something that I have been all that bothered with before but, as the two monsters love to whizz around me in the morning, shaving is one thing that I have had to sacrifice on occasion to save time!

So with my new founded facial hair, I needed advice on how to go about keeping my beard in trim. Other than having to find a half decent guide to ensure my beard keeps straight cut and trim what else can you expect when you are trying a new look:


Nothing ever gets past anyone (especially around the office), so be prepare for some interesting comments, mine ranged from a respectable “designer stumble” to a much worse “hedge monkey!”. Although I am sure that must have been on one of my off days, waking up late not brushing my hair, let alone ensuring a sharp all over look.

The Itch

Battling through the first few weeks you have to be ready for the excruciatingly irritating itch, once you have over come this it doesn’t always stop there. So your best move when planning to grow a beard is to keep you new facial hair and the skin underneath clean, moisturised and trimmed. By doing this you can alleviate this itch and enjoy the experience with far less distraction. (I must admit the last few attempts of growing a beard I neglected this advice and didn’t last much longer than four weeks!)


Its one thing saving time during your morning routine, but your beard does become its own beast that needs regular tending, so make sure you are prepared with the necessary tools to keep this beast tamed! You will have to fit in some time to ensure you don’t let your hair run a muck, I would say a weekly touch up would be fine, but cleaning at least every other day, you don’t want to be hoarding food in your beard for weeks on end! (or have critters move in!)

In the end don’t feel defeated if you just want to call it a day and say good bye to your beard, until the next time!

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