Colourful Life! #colour

I am not sure if its only me this happens to but, merrily distracting the two monsters from causing chaos when out for a meal (or just trying to get them to sit quietly for 5 minutes at home!) We tend to get some colouring pencils out, and get them to draw and colour different pictures.

Although more often than not, the Mrs will hear a loud commotion enter the room to find me happily colouring away while the boys are getting up to mischief! I don’t even know at what point in time they moved away from the task at hand but, they have and embarrassingly I am still sat there colouring in one of the kids pictures! (of course keeping in the lines!)

Which leads me to believe that colouring must have something quite relaxing about it, being able to shut off completely from the world around you. Being keen as ever to jump on anything that has a quality like this I had to go hunting around for some adult colouring books and some great new art supplies (ones just for me of course!)

While I was on my search I stumbled across some great mindfulness colouring books that aim to reduce stress and lower anxiety while also enabling you to explore your inner artistry! I was not always sold on mindfulness however after experiencing the tranquility of colouring I can see how the two can work together in symbiosis to help ease your daily tension.

Now all that I need to do now is convince the Mrs that we need to fit some colouring into our daily routine, as this could ensure a far more peaceful life, especially if we can get both of the boys on board! (I am sure some screen time bribery could achieve this!) 

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