The Benefits Of Vaping

The subject of vaping is a controversial topic. Those in the public health establishment see it as a doorway into smoking tobacco. And they allege that it still comes with many of the health dangers of traditional tobacco.

But those who used to smoke cigarettes and those who take an alternative perspective on public health, see it differently. They see vaping as our most powerful tool against regular smoking. And they feel as though we should embrace it, even if there are some minuscule risks.

Now in the UK, officials have finally conceded that vaping isn’t a significant risk to our health. It is, they admit, an ideal way to defeat the smoking habit. It replicates the habit nearly perfectly, but without the terrible prognosis of a regular cigarette habit. So what are the benefits?

Better Health

The biggest and most obvious advantage of vaping is that it doesn’t seem to cause severe damage to our health. Right now there is a lack of long-term epidemiological evidence that can exonerate vaping. Long-term epidemiological studies have shown that tobacco without smoke isn’t dangerous. Vaping is a lot like smokeless tobacco and has a similar risk profile. Plus, the chemical used in vaping have been tested in other settings and the risks were found to be low.

Those who replace smoking with vaping report a range of benefits including better fitness and better sex life.


Old-fashioned cigarettes mainly came in one flavour – tobacco smoke. But thanks to the rise of the e-liquid, we now have hundreds, and potentially thousands of flavours to choose from.

What’s more, smokers report that they really like the fact that there are many different flavours to choose from. It’s this variety that is part of the reason why they don’t go straight back over to cigarettes.

What’s more, the flavours are often so attractive that vapers hate it when they try to go back to regular cigarettes. Old tobacco smoke just tastes appalling compared to the flavours they can get through vaping.


There is a lot of baggage that comes with a regular smoking habit, besides the obvious health risks. Smoking makes your breath smell. It makes your clothes smell. And smouldering cigarettes pollute the air of the people around you. All of this is rather aesthetically unpleasant.

But e-cigarettes do none of this. What’s more, individuals who don’t vape report that they like the smell of the various e liquids. That stands in stark contrast to most non smokers’ reactions when they smell regular cigarette smoke.

What’s more, the flavour of vaping is contained in small water droplets in the air. That means that it’s no more obtrusive using it in a bar than it is drinking a cup of coffee. It’s the same phenomenon.


Smoking is becoming increasingly socially unacceptable. But vaping is not. That makes being a vaper far easier to incorporate into your social life.

What’s more, you don’t have to smoke an entire cigarette while vaping. You can just take a couple of puffs as needed.

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