Reliving Glastonbury #festival #glastonbury

Back in my younger days, I used to live close to Glastonbury, as such around the time of the great Glastonbury festival (known to us locals as Pilton) the roads would be swamped with party goers finding their way to the main event, some even walking 20 odd miles!

It wasn’t long before I wanted a taste of the action myself, even know I was a bit apprehensive of the potential for muddy fields! (the previous festival had been the muddiest up to that point!)

So my year was 2000, I attended was my brother and a few friends, we actually got to the festival two full days before it properly kicked off, which worked out well for us as we got to learn the quickest routes between the stages and also the best places to eat and drink!

I remember when we arrived thinking how immense the stages were and wondered how in such a a remote location you could raise so much power to sustain them, they must have needed a huge number of Diesel Generators to ensure the bands and attendees weren’t let down during the festival!

Its one of the memories that has really stuck with me, during the three days of music I got to watch so many fantastic acts from Travis to Moby and Jules Holland to Death in Vegas. Cypress Hill was one that really had us up on our feet jumping and dancing! The whole crowd seemed to be under their control!

The final act of the weekend was David Bowie, he had such an iconic stage presence that will always stay with me!

Its not just the bands that make the festival what it is, its all the behind the scene work that helped to shape a fantastic experience, as well as the great stalls and wandering circus acts that you could occupy any down time with.

On the whole the experience was fantastic, there were only two things I would have changed and that would have been to take sun cream, I ended up with a really burnt nose even know it was overcast most of the day! And the other would have been to take a blow up bed, after four nights on the floor it did become slightly uncomfortable (and I imagine at my age now it would be unbearable!)

I would love to go back to Glastonbury, the atmosphere was completely unworldly, like its very own little civilization! And although the event was licensed for 100,000 people you really felt free to move around. 

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