Planning ahead #justincase

Its not just the financial aspects that we have to endeavour to plan for, but we also need to ensure we have a real plan for our healthy future selves.

I am sure we all have contingency plans in place with our life, income and various other insurances, however when it come to our basic health needs there is no achievable way to plan for any unforeseen outcomes.

For me I hope that my family genetics seem to appear quite favourable, however unfortunately my father did become disabled in his early-forties. Other than a few insurances he had in place financially (it was fairly surprising that some would not payout for his condition!). His health on the other hand there was little more that he could have done to prevent or improve upon his outcome unfortunately.

I know I need to improve on my current lifestyle, I eat way to many calories, fat and sugars and I am fairly sure that I should be exercising a lot more than I do! However I tend to shrug all of this off as I still have young kids and no extra energy! Although I do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol. Surely that could help with any possible conditions that could present over the years?

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Many people find it hard to discuss embarrassing issues such as prostate trouble or incontinence issues, especially with the incontinence as for males it appears as the advertising for incontinence products seems largely aimed at a female market.

For prostate issue I would like to actively encourage people to discuss issue or symptoms due to the fact that in 2013 13.43% (47,300 cases) of all cancers diagnosed in the UK was prostate cancer, no one should be backwards about come forward when it come to suspected cancerous conditions!

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