Passive Aggressive Notes #change

It is something I have read about often and in many ways wish I could adapt my writing skills to create really thorough note myself. Passive Aggressive Notes seem to be on the rise and I have seen a fair few lately around the offices that I have been visiting for various meetings, which is quite surprising since 83% of use say they have never left a note themselves.

It is quite understandable that I have seen the influx in the office setting as often you get aggrieved by working so closely with your colleagues on a daily basis, each in their own way have some annoying habits and ways that really need to be tackled! 

And what better form for that to come in but by developing the art of the Passive Aggressive Note to really get some satisfaction with the take down!

Not knowing how to create a well rounded note doesn’t help matters when it comes to a timely venting session, Data Label however are here to help with their clever and informative infographic on the subject of the art of the passive aggressive note!

So when you next discover you milk has been raided at work, or that one sneaky chocolate bar has been stolen from your desk (this happens to me at least once a week!), you are now equipped to deal with the situation with a quite and decisive passive aggressive note.

But do not get me wrong I will be honing this new found writing skill, all I need is a pad of sticky notes and a pen and the word is my oyster!

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