Fathers day Gift Guide 2016 #fathersday

In the build up to Fathers day I have to start leaving hints around for the boys to pick up on to ensure I don’t end up with their left over Halloween sweets!

So here it goes my top gift guide for Fathers Day!

Leffe Beer 

What better place to start but with a proper Beer! By proper beer I mean a beer that will put hairs on your chest, I am a very casual drinker, but really appreciate a beer with my dinner. So be ready to blow your socks off with Leffe Brune and Blonde, they both retail for £3.00 per 75cl bottle.

Leffe Blonde is 6.6%, it has a slight bitterness to it which really brings it into its own on the taste front, the Leffe Brune on the other hand is only slightly weaker at 6.5% but has a totally different taste which is a little sweet!

Its a definate must try for any beer loving dad!

Stand 4 Socks 

Now I usually get my haul of socks at Christmas time but I must have been on the naughty list this year! Apart from the fact that I usually end up with plain black pairs I thought it would be a novel idea to hint for some really great and colourful socks!

Stand4socks is not just about you having great looking and feeling feet, oh no! When you buy a pair of socks the company gives to charity, for example buying one pair could vaccinate 6 kids against measles in Afghanistan or plant 20 trees! RRP from £6.99 ro £9.99 per pair.

Henry J Socks

Still on the underwear front, (as we do go through our fair share of underwear), Henry J Socks have subscription packages available with a starting price of £13 per month. Each month you receive some great matching socks and boxer shorts which come gift wrapped!

Its a great idea for a lasting treat for any Dads out there, especially if like me your dig through your underpants draw desperately seeking some suitable underpants (or some at the very least that have elastic!)

Its simple to sign up to select your subscription package and enter your Dads name and address.

Bobble Presse 

For the coffee loving Dads out their what better way for them to embrace their passion but to be able to take it on the daily commute with them!

The bobble presse has some great features from the filter system the ensures your coffee doesn’t become bitter and over-brewed to the 3 wall insulation that make-sure every sip is a hot one for up-to 3 hours!

The RRP for bobble presse is £29.99.

Modern Adjustable Desk Lamp

I work full time so I have to fit my blogging around that, so I very often find myself blogging into the night, so one thing I definitely need is a desk lamp! Not only will this keep my eyes from fading away leading to headaches but it also looks rather swish!

The desk lamp is fully adjustable to ensure you have the task at hand fully illuminated! With a RRP of £17.99 its a reasonable gift for any desk Dads!

Braun Series 3 Shaver

A classic gift for Fathers day, shaving equipment! The braun series 3 is an awesome electric shaver, offering you a really close shave with its triple action free float system meaning that every contour of you face is well catered for.

With the wet&dry series 3 its 100% waterproof meaning you can take it with you into the shower without a problem! The battery life is great too, with a full charge lasting 45 minutes.

With this kit, my colleagues at work should stop pointing out my stubble!

Fathers Day Gift Set 

Another great options for Fathers day is a this lovely Fathers Day Gift Set, it is really well thought out, you can really tell there has been some great planning behind it. From the moment the package arrives through your letter box it feels special. An when is comes to lifting the lid of the box the fantastic aromas come bursting out.

The set includes:

  • Betty & Dodge – English Oak ‘Man Cave’ Key Ring.
  • Bath House – Cuban Cedar & Lime Wash Bar. 
  • Men’s Society – ‘Handsome Hands’ Hand Cream. 
  • The Chocolate Library – Father’s Day Milk Chocolate Bar.
  • Cornish Sea Salt – Chilli Sea Salt Cork Bottle

I really liked the novel man cave key ring, I am sure to now go off and claim a shed or two in it honour!

The set retails at £24.95.

Choc on Choc

Lovely choconchoc pint and pie for my father’s day gift guide! #chocolate #fathersday #gift #foodie #yummy

A photo posted by Sean (@hubbyhelps) on Apr 29, 2016 at 9:47am PDT

As you might or might not have picked up on by reading my blog, I am partial to chocolate. So what better way for the boys to help me celebrate Fathers Day than to be presented with a chololate pie and pint!

Choc on Choc have really out done themselves on this one, the chocolate is handcrafted with such great detail, when you lift the lid on the pie you discover a chocolate mushroom, carrot, asparagus and onion!

The pie and pint retails for £20.00.

Yankee Candle

This is a whole new range for me, I am used to picking out Yankee Candles for the Mrs, but never thought about candles aimed at the male market, the range in question is Barbershop. 

The footed tumble that houses the candle has a very modern feel to it but its not overly masculine, hot towel one of the five scents available isn’t too over powering but it really lifts the mood of the room. 

RRP is £12.99 which is not bad considering its 45 hour burn time, I am sure to want to try the rest of the range as soon as possible!

Pacman Ghost Light

For the gamer in any Dad like me, a must have iconic and retro Pacman Ghost USB light. Simply plug it into any USB port (even main port if you have one!) and the light will rotate through all 16 colours in standard mode.

If you wanted to up the party atmosphere then swap it over to party mode the the colours will change according to the music being played in the room! A must have for any active or retired gamer!

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