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I have previously mentioned about driving safely in bad weather, on of the most important aspects of staying on the road is your tyres, ensuring that you check your tyres regularly and they have sufficient grip is imperative.

As my current car is on a full maintenance plan including tyres, I have not had to start thinking about the costs involved in replacing them until recently as the maintenance is due to expire and I need to keep the vehicle a well kept, road legal ride and safe for my family.

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I have done a fair bit of research attempting to find the best prices on tyres, ensuring I am not getting a poor deal or indeed being ripped off (my current tyres cost in excess of £190 each from the dealer!) 

A really useful resource to look at is Point-s not only do they have a simple search function, which utilises your vehicles registration number, it will also inform you of the type of tyre you have fitted (as long as you haven’t made changes!). Once the basic search is done you can then use a filter which gives you several different options to pick from. The final result gives you a selection tyres graded from bronze to gold which vary in cost.

Once you have found the tyres you need you can easily pick from the many independent Point-s locations such as Manchester, Surrey, Dorset and book your vehicle in to be fitted, all from the comfort of your own living room.

To replace a tyre on my vehicle like for like it will cost £101.11 fully fitted, meaning a sizable saving can be made rather than me taking the vehicle back to the dealership, if however I was happy with the bronze tyre the cost would reduce further to £64.86.

If like me you really watch your pennies this is a sure fire way to reduce your outgoing expenses and ensure every bit of your hard earned money is spent effectively!

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