Bringing back the magic Gee Whizz Review and Giveaway #win

Having previously reviewed Gross Magic the boys enthusiasm for magic has come on leaps and bounds, especially with Britians Got Talent being back on TV!

While they still love the grotty side of things, they have since been keen to do magic for all audiences (well more importantly Nain and Taid)

Onto Gee Whizz by Drumond Park, the set comes with plenty of great illusions and tricks, each with their own knack for our boys to master.

Fortunately there is a really good and colourful guide included, the guide has great illustrations of each trick, meaning you can leave your little ones to learn and practice illusions on there own. (You might even get a sense of surprise when they unveil their tricks!)

Youngest loves to take himself off to his room, learn a new trick and then present it to the family, his current favorite is the disappearing Parrot trick, most tricks are fairly straight forward for them to learn but this set allows them to work on their showmanship.

Youngest has been fearfully guarding his magical secrets, and he has hidden the instruction book to ensure we don’t find out how his tricks are done! (Wouldn’t the magic circle be proud!)

I am sure when I remember back to when I was young we never had kits as great as this one. The set has really got the boys magical juices flowing, if we did have these sets then you never know I could have been the next David Blaine!

The set itself is very durable which is the norm from Drumond Park. Gee Whizz is aimed at the 5 and overs, with an RRP of £19.99, it is sure to make a great hit with any child looking for an introduction into magic. To win a copy for your very own little illusionist please enter via the form below!

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