Trip to Legoland Windsor #legolandwindsor

At the weekend we had a great opportunity to visit our number one attraction in the UK, Legoland Windsor.

It’s a fair old trip for us to go but the children still really get a great buzz out of a fun filled day! This visit actually marks our fifth time at the park it seems so long ago since when we first went! 

Me personally I am not an adrenaline junkie, so I don’t generally get on well with rides, however I have been on every ride on offer and they are quite tame (in a good way!) compared to the other theme parks we have been too, the only one I am not too keen on is the big pirate ship! But the kids cannot miss an opportunity to become a pirate and jump on board! 

The main reason we attended this time was due to the premiere of the all new 4D Lego Movie Adventure, the boys (and us) really enjoyed the screening, the 3D effects and interaction was really superb!

We each have different favorite rides that we try and ensure we get to go on, mine is the Laser Raiders located in the Kingdom of the Pharaohs, the challenge is on for the top score! The Mrs is the Coast Guard HQ located in Lego City, while the boys both enjoy Dragons Apprentice and The Dragon in equal measure both located in the Knights Kingdom! 

As Legoland is quite big, I would suggest for first timers so they can get acquainted to the shortcuts and best way to go around to enjoy the most amount of rides would be to book for two days! The first time we go to any new attraction the Mrs whips the map out and then tells me which rides to get us to and in what order! (She is very proficient!) But we still needed two days to cover all the rides on offer on our first visit! 

Now we know what we are doing and where and what to target first we can cover most of the site in a day, making sure we hit our favorite rides early on! 

This visit unfortunately youngest was a little under the weather so we decided to call his trip slightly short at 3.30pm after he had a play in the park, we left eldest and the Mrs to continue their adventure.

I was surprised however on the walk to the exit youngest decided he wanted to have go around the Star Wars exhibit, something we haven’t done on the last few visits, it was fairly quiet as it was still mid-afternoon and other visitors tend to do it either when they first arrive or when the are leaving for the day, so youngest got to enjoy the walkthrough pressing various buttons on his own which he thoroughly enjoyed! 

So if you haven’t had a chance to check Legoland Windsor out yet, there are plenty of deals to stay locally with tickets included, or if you fancied pulling out the stops then book in to the Legoland Resort Hotel itself! We stayed on our first visit in a pirate themed room, which was a great adventure for the boys!

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