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We recently had the pleasure of being invited in to school for parents evening, we generally have the opportunity up to three times a year to give us a great snapshot of the progress the boys are making.

This time we tried something different, instead of us all going in I took the boys to play in playground. We decided to do this to ensure that the teachers felt free to speak about any improvements that we may need to implement at home, but we have been pleasantly reassured that both boys are doing really well!

We do need to start more times tables with youngest (my task is maths!) and eldest needs to work on his handwriting, however the teacher has said that boys tend to be a lot more messier at this stage than that of the girls in the class. Although I remember clearly having full class lessons in handwriting when I was his age it was wrist aching stuff!

It really is great to have regular contact with the teachers to make sure your special guys are aspiring to the level they need too, we have always been supportive parents making sure we help them to use their mind while not at school (don’t get me wrong they still get plenty of outdoors and screen time!)

For me youngest has made this biggest leap over the year, increasing his reading stage a couple of times, but its more than just that he seems to be enjoying learning and proud of his work, whether its an invention he has made (he came home with a boat today!) or a book he has read! We used to struggle with his concentration but now it can be really fun to do some learning with him. I guess we were lucky with eldest he has always been a keen bookworm and always enjoyed the challenge of learning even is it was just to keep one step ahead of us!

We often talk about what they want to be when they are older, just for a fun reference. At the moment eldest is inclined to be an engineer of some kind and youngest an inventor. To be honest I am sure I didn’t know what I wanted to be until much later in life!

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