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My latest addition Making a Murderer on Netflix! It took me a while to decide to watch it, even know it has been popping up on my radar, thanks to the top picks for Sean and the trending now functions on Netflix.

It actually only took me a couple of nights to completely watch the series it was just that binge worthy!

My understanding when I glanced at it was it was a new TV series based around a fictional character that had been wrongly imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, exonerated for that crime and then accused of a new crime while trying to prove the corruption with the police department.

However what I got when I started watching was factual documentary about a real man Steven Avery that was filmed over a ten year period, each installment left you wanting more and more it is so compelling! You watch his story unfold from the very begging his original conviction, to his release to his re-conviction of a more grisly nature.

Even tho I have finished watching it, I cannot help but feel sorry for Steven, I do not want to give too much away but since I have watched this I seem to see news snippets every now and then about the on going issues.

So if you are between programmes and want something really interesting to watch, I would hands down recommend watching this great documentary! You will not be able to resist getting trapped into the in depth and fascinating real life story!

Stop reading here if you do not want any spoilers!

I have some theories about what actually happened, my first was centered around the video that was played of Teresa around the time of sentencing, the video was about who she loved in a very goodbye world kind of way, so did she actually take her own life? and the police use this to their advantage to frame Avery who was claiming huge amounts of compensation?

The other is Teresa’s brother, his body language and the way he spoke, he seemed guilty of something, I am not sure 100% of what, whether he knew Steven was innocent (I am sure he did) but he openly admits to accessing Teresa’s voicemail but denies deleting messages, however messages had been removed, the question is what did they say and who were they from!

In the end I hope Steven gets another chance for the case to be investigated fully but even sadder is the fact Brendan got caught up in all of this with the police’s forceful interrogation techniques, he should not be in prison at all, its plain to tell he was coerced into the statements, his intelligence at the time was below average. From what I saw after conviction he seems to have got his head on his shoulders now and definitely should be allowed a retrial! 

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