Hyperx Cloud II Pro gaming headset #gaming

I fondly remember back to the simple days, before children and any real commitment, living life for the latest game release and tech advancements.

Well after all it was gaming that saw me meet the Mrs, of course in pixels rather than real life but isn’t that what the modern world is all about now!

I absolutely loved gaming, running a “clan” and playing proper tense league matches it was a really great time. The Mrs has never been a fan of FPS and it was when I gave that up and moved over to RPG that we met so since then we have both been keen on RPG type games, we have taken a step back completely while we had the kids.

However now they are older I am now trying to get her back into gaming, sure her rig needs a lot of improvement, bearing in mind Eldest was nearly one when we bought it (he is nine shortly!) So I know the Mrs will still refuse to buy a new computer what with all the work we need to get completed on the house!

I know what will tempt her the most, the added tech (as long as it is shiny, new or girly!) 

Onto my latest gaming gadget for her the Hyperx Cloud II Pro Gaming Headset – in white/pink of course!

The headset boasts some great features; 7.1 surround sound and digitally enhanced mic through the premium USB sound card, The microphone on the headset is detachable which is great if you just want to use the headset to listen to some music (if only to drown out the kids! Just kidding!)

The build quality of the Cloud II is second to none, with a solid aluminum framework and 100% memory foam headband padding, they sit on your head so comfortably, I have had sets in the past that I have had to remove often between round as they start to dig in, but these don’t at all!

Kingston have given two years warranty with the headsets which is fantastic, I have had more expensive sets before that have seen in the year and broken leaving me dismayed! But with an RRP of £66.38 and two years warranty I think you are set for a great gaming experience!

The only down side I can think of is can I pull the pink and white colour off? (Just in case the Mrs isn’t responsive to gaming again!)

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