Giving up smoking #quit

Many years ago, I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life, the Mrs. When we first met I was an awful smoker, and she was an asthmatic, so after our first date I knew I needed to pack the habit in.

I am sad to admit that I was smoking in excess of 20 a day, so it was a hefty amount to quit, so much time to find things to do with my idle hands other than smoke! I wish back then I had the options available to us now.

I tried gum, but that did not help my with the habit you have with your hands, its quite hard to explain the need to still occupy your hands when you are on a quit attempt, finding something you can do on the go can be difficult.

My first ever attempt to quit was before I met the Mrs and I lasted a total of 10 days with a mix of gum and sweet snacks to keep my hands occupied! It didn’t last though as I think I ended up cutting back the nicotine too quickly!

I have been trying to persuade my dad to quit so I have been researching the best electronic cigarette for someone new to vaping as I am sure he will struggle like me to ensure his hands are occupied during his quit attempt.

We have to remember that not only can vaping make the quit journey have a better outcome but it can also be healthier on your wallet too, on average electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than the real thing.

Along with your wallet there are real hard facts around vaping being the healthier option as there are over 3000 chemicals in a normal cigarette with 60 of these being linked to causing cancer, electronic cigarettes have around 16 chemicals, cutting out tar and carbon monoxide completely!

This interesting article on the independent has been a very useful tool for me to try and get my dad on the correct pathway.

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