Top 10 tips to survive an apocalypse! #survival #apocalypse

Being a parent you often have to think on your feet and ensure the daily routines are met! My thoughts often wonder, especially after watching the latest episode of Walking Dead, what are the top tips to ensure survival in a post apocalyptic world!

With so many things that could cause global catastrophe; biological warfare, mutating viruses, natural fungi , meteor strike and nuclear war. But before you head out and buy yourself a 2 million pound all equipped bunker here is my quick guide to a better survival rate! 

Find a clean water source

This should be one of the first things you need to plan for, make sure you have at least a couple of options available; from natural springs to a bottled water factory! This is the number one item on the list, you will not survive long without water!


Remember in a post-apocalyptic world, medication could be hard to come by, ensure you have a clear plan to stock up before you head to one of your water sources! (You never know when you need your next asthma pump!) Checking places randomly on your way could be very risky, so you need to ensure you know you will strike gold before investigating buildings further!


Knowing your enemy, with the likes of Zombies you can easily tame the slower movers with a hit to the head, a heavy blunt object nearby is a must before shutting your eyes for the night! It often gets me, you see people letting herds of Zombies grouping up, my simple reaction would be clear them as they come! I don’t want to be one of those – “Why didn’t I take that Zombie out earlier deaths!”


Luckily I have a fishing rod ready and waiting to go (not that I like eating fish much!) but depending on the final event, food could be your downfall, perhaps start putting a few tins by? (A recent report showed that a well stocked supermarket could see you through 55 years – on your own mind!) Or double up one a weapon and hunting gear with a lovely Crossbow, although you might want to start target practice now!

Group up

Well, when I say group up, of course you will need to limit the number, I would estimate a group of around 10 adults would work best – enough to defend the family while still able to hunt for food! A small enough group to ensure one person will take the lead and not too much infighting going on! 

First Aid 

One of the best abilities to have in a group is first aid, but be sure you know when to cut a member of the team loose! You don’t want to have to keep one eye open in case your patient suddenly wants to eat your brains! 

Keep moving

After a few weeks in, the most important thing to do will be to keep moving, it never works out well to stop in one spot for too long. You will have to make sure you have been collecting lots of empty water bottles to fill up at one of your predefined water sources! 

Now we are moving to the second phase of the guide, so far you have survived on the basis of good scavenging, but after an initial period of time, you will need to attempt to restart civilization! You will need to ensure you have a few of theses skills among you group! 


Basic needlework, will make sure you survive in the coldest of winters, a nuclear winter could block out the sun for years after all! 


From the basis of being able to work with wood, making simple tools to being able to rebuild houses and factories! Building skills is essential to get well on the route to recovery! 


Mechanical skills and electronics could see you restoring power and communications! All of the luxuries that you have now will come rushing back once the core services are reinstated, but don’t be easily fooled that first hot shower doesn’t mean the world is cured! 

Now the end of the world could come at any point! So stay safe and make put your own post-apocalyptic plan in place NOW! Perhaps that 2 millions could be well spent on that bunker?

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