New Year Resolutions #Happynewyear

tradition being what it is we always look at the dawning of a New Year to set
ourselves some impressive New Year resolutions.

In previous
years I have made the usual resolutions to cut back and get fit, and as much as
I am sure I need to get on it again this year, I just cannot find the inner
strength to get myself back to my twelve and a half stone weight target! (After
all it’s not just the ladies that gain weight when we have children!) Being quite unfit its a bit too daunting for me to hit the Gym, I do miss my old rowing machine!

This past
year has seen us focusing on doing up our
new house, with seemingly more and more things being discovered and needing to
be fixed we still have a huge undertaking until we have a fully liveable house!

So this
year my number one resolution is to ensure we get the house fully
watertight and attempt to get at least
one more room completed with an aim to hold Christmas at our house in 2016, to
give the mother in-law a well earned rest!

attempting the above I also want to try and find some more time for the Mrs, as
well as attempting to ensure I find more time for myself and perhaps the odd
new game! 2015 saw us both working flat out during the day and then again at
night, this year I want us to keep up the pace of work but put a curfew on how
late we both work!

I must
admit I was asleep for the ringing in of the new year, having two wild boys
really does start to take its toll especially after a long day at work, but I
got to spend the evening with the family playing board games (the Mrs won every
game we played!) and having a well-earned drink.

So here’s
to 2016 let’s make it a year to remember!

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