Learning something new with SEO #SEO

When I first
started blogging,
I never thought about the impact you create on the web and how certain metrics
can affect how visible you are to everyone searching online.

So in recent
months I have been doing my best researching how to gain those all valuable
stats, it wasn’t until recently that I came across a mozRank checking website
that gave me all the relevant scores I thought I needed! Even Pagerank, which
seems to have died out a couple of years ago!

The main
areas I have found interested me the most are:

  • Backlinks
  • MozRank
  • Domain
  • Social Media
  • Klout

in order to get my blog noticed more, I need to up my Domain Authority, to do
that I need backlinks, and in order to build backlinks I need to create content
worth sharing and linking too.

backlinks also affect mozRank, both for the page and domain, so it seems that
most SEO strategies should be centred around building backlinks. That is true
to some extent however, you must not discount social media, while some search
engines have advised that they ignore social authority, they may take this into
account, as when I do a search for my home page, my twitter page is not too far
behind on the results, the same is true if you pick a big company like Amazon. In terms of social media I use Klout as a
tool to see how I am scoring against other similar blogs.

All of this
still boggles my mind and I am very conscious about the way my blog is read by
search engines, so I scoured the internet again and stumbled upon a great tool
from an SEO company in Bournemouth. They offer a free site SEO audit (they even email you a copy of the report!),
and it is absolutely packed with information to help me target areas on my
website to ensure that search engines and more importantly my readers are able
to find me and the content they want!

The compiled report scored me at 49/100, but I still see that as quite an achievement for a
SEO novice, so with 18 things now on my to-do list I am keen to make my blog more
SEO friendly, after all why write content unless its to be seen!

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