Bad things come in three? #unlucky

We all have heard of the saying that bad things come in
threes! Well for me the last week has been one of the ones that I wish I could have
written off.

The first thing that happened to me was I broke my phone; no not just a smashed screen this time but a
small metal pin fell out of the charging socket! So I am now without a phone,
no more quick instagram updates! (no upgrade from Vodafone until February!)

I am currently using my very old Nokia; it doesn’t even have
a camera, and barely has a coloured screen! Much to the entertainment of the
office, on the plus side it has a torch and we have played games of how many
times it can bounce across the office! (A total of seven so far, but I don’t want
to push it too far!)

The second thing that happened is I killed my laptop, yes I
have said this several times this year, however this time windows 10 has just
decided to own itself!

Basically I did a system restore and now I get an error code
just before the log in screen and as you may be aware windows 10 doesn’t allow
you to simply enter safe mode! I have a drive caddy on order so I can rescue my
files before I attempt to salvage the computer.

I didn’t however realise that my laptop was four and a half
years old, but I know the Mrs will not be keen on me getting a new one
especially since hers is over 8! (I should have bought her a new one years

So I am still waiting to see if the third thing happens,
although perhaps I could say the water still leaking into the house (I say leaking its more like the Niagara falls!) or the fact
I have developed a chest infection could be counted towards the spell of bad

I often ponder on things like this, where did the back things
comes in threes come from? Google is usually your friend here but there is far too
much trudging around to be able to find a decent source as to why this saying
came into fruition. I’ll be sure to update my post if anything else happens to
me in the mean time!

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