Winter interiors with Betta Living #BettaWinter

Winter for many can prove to be
a cold and depressing affair, with many of us huddling up into one room to keep
warm during the short and gloomy days.

For us we have an expensive oil
fuelled central heating system so we tend to spend most of our winter days in
our living room, playing board games, reading or watching films.

So this year we have been considering
new ways to make ourselves feel warmer not only physically but in our mind set
also. Today I stumbled across Betta Living’s winter interior style competition (ends 7th December) and I thought it would be a great idea to
showcase my plans for our living space this winter.

I believe lighting plays the
most important role when it comes to your feeling of warmth; as such I am always
keen to check the bulbs Kelvin scale, ideally opting for one that produces a
slightly yellowing haze (around 2700K on the scale) as I feel these really give
you a sense of the warm summer’s sun, what better to showcase these warming
bulbs but a lovely floor lamp.

Along with electrical lighting
we have experimented with various candle light set ups before settling with
mixture of lanterns and glasses. I find that the great benefit of using candles
is you have more of your senses tuned in as not only do you visually take in
the flickering flames but you can also opt for a fragrance that reminds you of
warmer times of year (for us we love the festive scents); we have recently had
wood wick candles that even sound like a roaring fire. (You can feel the heat
if you close your eyes!)

Cosy night in with the Mrs! #netflix #cosy #perfect

A photo posted by Sean (@hubbyhelps) on Oct 20, 2015 at 1:06pm PDT

Winter is all about our comfort levels;
by adding numerous cushions and throws, along with thermal under garments, slipper socks and my favourite onesie, your bound to stay warm and cosy!

However, if like us you are on a
limited budget, endeavour to keep your costs low. A simple rearrangement of the
furniture can add to the general feel of your room. Our lounge is spacious with
high ceilings, it can feel very cold and isolating but by splitting the room
up with our corner sofa the room now feels drawn in, cosy and snug.

It’s all about perceptions, from
aroma to visual effects; we have added some bright butterflies to one of the
walls to remind ourselves spring will be on its way!

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