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Growing up my dad liked to take me
fishing, which usually involved getting up at 4am and heading out to a cold and
wet beach for hours on end. However we were usually armed with a flask of
coffee and numerous bars of snickers (occasionally popping off to grab a
McMuffin), he used to try and break up the time waiting for a bite by sending
me off to beachcomb for treasure.

Today I went for a drive with the
dog and then took her for a stroll on the beach, as I am on leave for a week so
can travel further afield; I took the opportunity to rekindle the old
beachcombing habit it doesn’t take long until you see something on the horizon
and you dash off to see what it is!

In the past I used to mainly find things
like fishing tackle as it was a particularly rocky beach! The other items I
found I used to create a back story for, where it came from, what it was used
for etc.

Today however I thought I really
had found some treasure, well.. a message in a bottle anyway! My mind was ablaze
with the story behind it, alas it wasn’t to be, just an old ketchup bottle that
had ridden the seas for some time and in the process looked more interesting…

Message in a bottle?!? #beach #beachcombing #walking #treasure

A photo posted by Sean (@hubbyhelps) on Nov 16, 2015 at 11:24am PST

Along with the bottle, I found
numerous other plastic bottles, carrier bags, broken plastic and even an old
bicycle tire!

I have noticed a big change in the
amount of rubbish on our shore lines, there is so much more waste washing up on
our beaches, it is amazing that we cannot do more to keep rubbish from entering
the sea. I wish people would take home
what they arrived with leaving only footprints in the sand as a sign they ever

Perhaps next time I head to a beach
with the dog and the boys I should take a black bag and while they all play I
could contently collect some of the washed up rubbish mainly in the hope of
finding some true treasure but also cleaning up the beach in the process.

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