Grotty Illusionist? Time to play with Gross Magic! Review and Giveaway #competition #win

It’s no
easy task having two very energetic boys especially with a small age gap
(although I am sure there are plenty of parents with girls who would say the
same!) The place is constantly in a state and they love to create endless toxic
and gross potions (mostly left to stew in the garden for days on end).

They love
magic too; I play “tricks” on them all the time, finding pennies behind theirs
ears, falling out of their noses and conjuring up unique items on our walks (I
might have a handful of Moshlings or Lego men in my coat at all times!).

Yesterday I
received the new and improved Gross Magic by Drummond Park (RRP Β£19.99) – now even
more real! The boys were eager to literally get their hands dirty with this
one! As it’s a magic set you’ll be glad to know as fellow parents that it is a
battery free game! (Hurray, no hunting around for batteries on Christmas day!)

Gross Magic I was sent to review and copy to giveaway. I will update on the URL for entry once it’s live #win #competition #gross #fun

A photo posted by Sean (@hubbyhelps) on Nov 21, 2015 at 2:29pm PST

The set
itself is pitched at 8+ as some of the tricks you do need to have some
dexterity (which pretty much counts the Mrs out!)

was able to perform some of the tricks without much help and as he is the most
keen on the grotty side of life, he was particularly taken aback by the Clean
to Dirty toilet trick, although even he was a bit apprehensive with the pooey

with the poo theme a “do not try this at home” trick is the toilet paper trick,
you take a used piece of toilet paper (stick to the one provided in the game!) and
magically clean it! I don’t want to give away to many secrets here!

Gross Magic
comes with a variety of items from the toilet to cockroaches to eyeballs! There
are over 40 tricks for your children to learn and rehearse, luckily the
instructions for the tricks are really good, illustrative and clear, as they
say practice makes perfect!

Luckily you
can have the chance to join in the fun, enter the competition via Gleam below to
win a copy of Gross Magic! Competition closes on 11th December 2015
in the meantime you can find stockist here

Win a copy of Gross Magic worth Β£19.99

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  1. I like the one where an assistant stands in a box and then they move each box, so it looks like the body has been split into pieces.

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