Count down to Christmas! #becauseitschristmas

Here we are 1st November; the shops have finished
with the Halloween push and now move onto the Christmas season. (I can already
here the seasonal music ringing in my ears!)

As we don’t watch live TV, I can’t say when the first Christmas
advert has been on – although Aldi did get accused of airing one in August! (I
have seen the advert via YouTube and in my opinion you couldn’t call it a Christmas
advert!) I am sure it’s only a matter of time which really does mark the dawn
of the Christmas countdown. (Is there a market here for 60 day advent

Unfortunately me being a bit of a scrooge, I don’t like to
see anything festive until at least 1st of December. We used to have
a tradition in our house when I was growing up that Christmas tree and decorations went
up after my birthday! (So the mid-way point to Christmas itself!) Mainly due to
the fact that when I was very young I used to think it was all for my birthday!
(Which of course it should have been as I was that great!)

The thing that is very stressful for us parents on the lead
up to Christmas is keeping the magic alive and insuring that the children are
getting what they want for Christmas! My mum epic failed a couple of times with
computer games, opting to take advice from the sales men rather than asking me!

So instead of WWF wrestling she got me Wrestle War, a game
me and my cousin has taken the mick out for the best part of the summer (back
when you could rent games from blockbusters) The moves list was epic, press
left to face left, press right to face right etc!

With all the scrooge I have going on one thing is for sure,
we always like to get our Christmas list done during the end of the summer
holidays, this allows extra time for Santa to get the elves to make the

In our household we like Santa to share his lime light with
us, and as it is plainly obvious that all children get different amounts of
presents, we have told the children the “truth” about the money we send to
Santa to buy the much needed materials for the elves to work with!

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