Week two #littleonesadventures

Week two is now firmly behind us, a return to the normal routine and youngest tried his best to remember to keep his camera at his side for most of the week. He even took it along to a community event and got a few snaps of the food!

I am hoping that he will look back on some of this snaps with some fond memories of his childhood, its a great way to recap on his own highlights from each week!

So here is week two:

Cheese and crackers one of youngest favorites! So no wonder it had to be featured.

Youngest was not 100 percent sure of this one, its fish, rice, mushrooms baked in pastry! (for us adults it was absolutely delicious!) But it must have captured his interest anyway!

The boys wanted us to dig out their old Lego Duplo from the loft, this is the Zoo world they came up with! With a cafe, treetop hotel (well a sleeping bag!) and an exclusive tour of the Zoo (as ever some of it was gaming orientated with fields of lava on the outside!)

Youngest turned horror makeup artist, well nearly! He enjoyed mixing the makeup colours and fake blood before applying it to the Mrs arm! (it took her some time to remove the concoction!)

Here is the inventors handy work, this vehicle can go in water and up mountains apparently, both the monsters helped to create this wonder machine, youngest even made eldest a placard for it!

Whats better than outdoor den building? Indoor den building! As the welsh weather is giving us some rather dreary days we don’t want the boys missing out on camping adventures!

And finally Qixels! The boys made another fetching dinosaur this week to keep the yellow and blue one company. Youngest could not resist taking a quick snap of them happily playing together!

That’s the round up of youngest’s #littleonesadventures this week, I look forward to the next update, next Sunday!

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