Week one #littleonesadventures

This week seems to have gone so fast, in a blur of early
starts and late nights! But we managed to sneak in some time for youngest to
take his camera out and about and report back on his #littleonesadventures.

Here are some of the highlights from his adventure although
I would have thought there would have been more pictures to choose from! We do
need to work on the camera focus as some
of his shots are a tad blurry but all capture the inventiveness of his

A game of Home Run (aka Frustration). Ready for the off with a roll of a six! The monsters enjoy this game especially when they are sending me or The Mrs home!

A blurry cake! We made vanilla cakes with a mini-boost chocolate bar for good measure! It seems we have always got cakes baking!

My favorite picture youngest took of eldest, he is drawing with chalk unsuspecting that his younger brother has sneaked up on him with his camera!

Taking pictures on the move, could this be an accidental shot or a true artists vision?

Youngest’s favorite Lion! He had to feature somewhere along his adventure as he is his usual sidekick on adventures!

An old tree we have named Groot! Both the monsters instantly thought he was a Guardian of the Galaxy!

Thanks for checking out youngests #littleonesadventures and remember you can join in next sunday, all you need to do is find an old camera and let your little one capture their own weekly adventure!

Tips I have learned this week:

  • Ensure you have spare batteries with you in case the battery dies halfway through a walk!
  • Remember to pack the camera in the first place! Nothing worse than rocking up into an adventure to realise you have left it behind!

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