The beta is over! #StarWarsBattlefront

So as planned I was eagerly awaiting the Star Wars:
Battlefront beta, so this weekend I got dug in with my cousin and tested the
three available game modes! (And I suddenly saw how much I had aged when I
barely got any kills! My lightning reflexes were that of a tortoises!)

Both of us our keen multiplayer gamers and for me gaming is
all about the playability and not about a single player campaign mode. So it’s
with great luck for me that Battlefront is wholly geared towards the multiplayer

So in the beta the two main sections we got stuck in with
were Drop Zone and Walker Assault. (We all have great memories of playing with Star Wars figures as kids, right?)

On to the games:

With Walker Assault the map seemed daunting but well set out,
it needed to be big as up to 40 players could be in game at once (the servers
held up with no lag in sight!), your advancement was good while attacking, however
defensively it sucked! You could adequately hold of other players for a short
period however as rebels you would get well and truly wiped out by AT-AT’s, so
some game balancing mechanic should be implemented in my opinion!

Drop Zone was awesome, very playable and even for either
team! The map was big enough for you to find some nice little hiding spots (No
not camping – you don’t have time for that!) but small enough so you do end up
lost in some god forsaken desert! This game is 8 v 8 and you run around trying to find escape pods that
have landed on the planet, once you find one you then have to guard it from the
opposition, it really was an enjoyable game mode!

From my point of view the graphics were immense, my specs didn’t
meet the minimum on the RAM so I thought I would run into problems however I
encounter no problems at all, no graphics spikes or in game lag!

The game unlock system was well thought out so
you could feel a sense of achievement as you were advancing in rank (It’s a common
theme nowadays – take me back to the days gone by when you can jump into a game
and be evenly matched!)

The multiplayer modes are definitely the best I have
seen in a long time, this game has a lot to offer a keen gamer and I am sure
players would not get burnout for many a hours game-play!

In conclusion would I pre-order this game? My honest answer
is no and it was a difficult decision but it mainly lies with the hefty price
tag of £49.99, I am not sure that this would be value for money at this stage,
drop that price to around £35.00 and I would think that would be a great

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