Lord Sugars New Business Partner #theapprentice

We absolutely love the apprentice series and have keenly
watched it over the last decade!

(Picture courtesy of the bbc)

The boys have been listening to me and the Mrs talking about
the show in anticipation of the new series starting, and they want to watch
the show as well!

Now we are three episodes down, I may let them watch one or
two episodes that we have already seen so I know there isn’t any swearing or
unsightly arguments! Although we would hope it would give them some kind of
insight into what business can be like!

We are still getting to know the characters; do we have any
firm favourites at the moment? For me it’s a sure no, I always find it hard to
get to know them so early on in the show; we still have far too many who are
just hangers on!

The two that are most cringe worthy in my opinion so far are
Joseph Valente and Selina Waterman-Smith (although I do enjoy Selina’s catty

We are missing Nick Hewer and his funny looks when the
candidates mess things up! However Karren has been making many of her own! I
hope Claude Littner lives up to his interviewer persona; I always liked his
attitude during the interview stage!

I posed the question to the boys “What business idea would
you bring to Lord Sugar?” eldest’s response was to create a garage (he wants to
be an engineer!), fixing and selling cars and to make it different and stand
out from the rest he would have high-end and cutting edge technology. Youngest
would be an invention company as he is keen on inventing new things – I think
he wants to keep his business plan hush hush as he was very evasive on
questioning lol!

I hope you enjoy the apprentice this year as much as we

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