What happened to the music #havingkids

We all must have fond memories from before we had kids, I was never one for keeping up with the normal trends and I probably went out far too often and over indulged! From a financial stand point I was usually overdrawn for a completely different reason than having kids and a house to run!

However this all seems to be a distant blur now I have been a dad for over 8 years. I seem to know more about the latest pop music than I ever had before and my car is littered with the monsters CD’s but where has my music gone – rarely do we as parents seem to be able to get five minutes to listen to some of the old school music we used to love, even the rare tune that was “our” song never gets a look in these days! 

So I have been planning to bring back some of the music I used to like back into my life!
Recently I sneaked in some of the original Linkin Park when we were having a you tube session which they duly rocked out too! (Luckily it still sounds current!), so far I have sneaked in the odd song from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Muse, Travis, Godhead, Radiohead and Audioslave.

All of these bands they seem to be receptive too which is great, not more having to listen to Justine Bieber, One Direction or any of the other mundane songs that seem to come out now! (Please bring my pipe and slippers, I must be getting old!)

Don’t get me wrong I still do like some of the music currently being released, Taylor Swift the boys like and as I have said before I really love parodies and there are some great ones off the back of Swifty!
So I advise any of you parents out there who are missing their music, sneak a bit back in and get your kids hooked on the same genre!

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