Tired of helping! #imnottechsupport

You might wonder why I called my blog hubby helps; well you see I seem to spend a considerable amount of my time doing just that HELPING! If its not the wife, it’s the mother in law actually scrap that nine times out of ten it is the mother in law! I think she thinks I am her personal computer support department, as I am called around regularly to install endless programs, get rid of a fair few viruses or just solve some error message or another…

I used to think it was lucky having a natural aptitude to computers but lately on balance perhaps not! Although she does reward me with cooked dinners, homemade fruit cake and tolerone, so its certainly not all woe is me. When I help the wife with technical problems there is no offering, no tasty morsel just an expectation that I get on with it. She blogs too, so I can be usually found tinkering away with that, whether she wants me to change the font or add some fancy new social media buttons. I USED to spend my evenings playing computer games. That seems such a long long time ago now.

I have been reminiscing of the games I used to play, it was quite a carefree life back then, I would have my headphones on lost in some battle. Nowadays headphones might be nice just to drown out the sound of my wife nagging!!! Although she has her nights with the girls so I am planning a gaming evening with my cousin. We all need our own ways to unwind. 

We will probably pick up some of our old favorites last time we picked command and conquer however this time I have some taste of our old gaming past and will be looking at hitting an fps or two!

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